Picture of the words Eat Words made in flour on a wooden board

Fi Burke Art Wins Arts Council Funding

Fri, 28/05/2021 - 10:27

Banks Mill member and visual artist, Fi Burke has recently received some exciting news regarding funding to support her practice. Fi, who shares her talents as a visual artist, explores the things that surround us but cannot be seen. Her work is fed by a natural curiosity and fascination with nature, time, philosophical science, and history.

Fi’s inquisitiveness about ‘what came before’ has taken her on several journeys, both physically and intellectually. Due to the unique way she processes ideas, the images and artworks she creates exude serenity and calmness while also posing deeper questions.

The University of Derby graduate has an extensive education history which has provided her with the foundations for which she has built her arts career. Studying a master’s degree in Art & Design Advanced Theories and Practice, to which she graduated from in 2011, Fi Burke is a credit to the University of Derby and Banks Mill.

The Arts Council has awarded Fi this grant to develop her creative practice as part of the ‘Develop Your Creative Practice' programme #DYCP.

This funding stream supports individual cultural and creative practitioners to further their practice and can include learning, skills development, networking, collaboration, time for reflection, developing ideas, and mentorship.

Being awarded Arts Council funding will support Fi to develop new skills and provide reflective time to unravel the philosophical themes entwined within her abstract process. It will enable Fi to reintroduce text and language to her visual outcomes; allowing the philosophy to become more apparent, shining through in a more understandable light.

Struggling to contain her excitement, and rightly so, Fi commented, “I am over the moon to have this opportunity to become ‘fluent’ in combining visual art, language and text; to bring ponderings and meditations to the fore. Ironically, I’m so excited that I find myself at a loss for words!” 

“I’m so grateful to Filomena Rodriguez, a creative coach on the Big House project, who guided my application. I’d also like to thank Arts Council England for supporting me in my practice development”.

Artistic and cultural activities that enrich people's lives are championed, developed, and invested in with Arts Council funding. The extra support this organisation offers can be greatly impactful to individual’s work and gives them the chance to build, develop and sustain their creative careers.

Fi is thoroughly deserving to be awarded with the Arts Council funding and we know it will give her the platform to excel as a visual artist and continue to entice people with her work.

To keep up to date with Fi and her work, visit her website and follow her social media pages on Instagram and Twitter.