Items for sale at the new Create Space: ceramic vase, glass bowl, picture of a flower

New Art Gallery for Stevie Davies

Wed, 23/06/2021 - 21:43

Stevie Davies, a contemporary glass artist and tutor, has recently begun a new and exciting endeavour. Stevie has spent the last six years building her flourishing business while situated in a studio at Banks Mill, to the point that she is now making the move to a retail location at 27 Market Place, Wirksworth, Derbyshire.

The glass artist and her creative company will reach a new audience and artistic community with the move to Wirksworth. Having the ability to meet and connect with new creatives and customers will provide her with a fresh perspective on her work, allowing her to continue growing. Stevie also hopes that her new site will bring greater attention to her Selected Makers in the gallery space.

Not only will Stevie be offering her own work for sale but also that of other artists and makers, all of which is handmade by local artists and includes fine art, ceramics, pottery, printmaking, jewellery and upcycled furniture.

Stevie comments: “I want to continue to build my business, build my name, exhibit in more locations nationwide and work more to commission on larger artworks. All this while offering people an opportunity to buy handmade art, sculpture and gifts plus get creative themselves at my workshops and with my postable kits.“

Setting up at Banks Mill allowed Stevie to make new networks with the other artists and converse with like-minded people, which she has found to be a critical component of her artistic practice. Stevie was able to develop her distinct artistic flair while also building a loyal clientele that has been incredibly supportive.

Now that she has a base in Wirksworth, Create Space, Stevie has a handful of like-minded creatives at her fingertips. This move is another opportunity for Stevie to make new connections and expand her business with collaborations with other artists. You can read about Create Space and the other artists involved on Stevie’s website.  Create Space is open Thur, Fri and Sat 11am-4pm and other times by appointment.

Creating stunning and unique glasswork in a variety of styles, Stevie’s website displays all of her work, which includes art, home décor, jewellery, and other items. Stevie works hard to produce vibrant pieces of art and experiments with several types of creative forms. She has a real passion for teaching people how to design and create with glass and enjoys conducting workshops and putting together kits for her supporters.

The workshops Stevie offers have something for everyone. With a variety of public workshops held at her new Wirksworth base or at your own venue, along with group sessions and private 1-2-1’s as well as online zoom workshops, there is no shortage of choice. Stevie puts her heart and soul into making sure her sparkles are full of joy; whether you want a pre-determined theme, or a tailor made session, Stevie will ensure your day is exactly what you want. She also offers workshop gift vouchers for you to use anytime, offering great flexibility and a superb gift idea. Her Facebook page is the best place to keep up to date with her workshops.

Banks Mill co-ordinator, Karen Holland notes: “Stevie’s new location in Wirksworth is a fresh and exciting opportunity and we wish her the best of luck.  It has been wonderful to watch Stevie’s practice grow and we have no doubt that the new Create Space Art Gallery will be a great success.”

To stay up to date and follow Stevie's move, visit her website and follow her social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter