Picture of Dariusz working on a shoot in a cafe photographing food

New Photography Studio Lay Roots at Banks Mill

Fri, 28/05/2021 - 11:23

Photographer Dariusz Szwedo, founder of Studio No.74, and his newly engaged fiancée, Rachel Powell, are the newest members of the Banks Mill community. We are pleased to welcome Studio No 74 to Banks Mill and we are keen to watch the pair and their brainchild, Studio No.74, flourish. Their new Banks Mill base allows them to have flexible access to their space giving them all the freedom they need to have early morning starts and late-night finishes. This partnership will undoubtedly help them form connections with like-minded people and local businesses.

The 2015 University of Derby graduates met while studying Commercial Photography together and have continued to grow as a collective unit since. It is their consistent and successful teamwork that has led them to their most recent achievement; engagement! Dariusz and Rachel founded Studio No.74 during the first UK lockdown after having played with the concept for several years and it has proven to be a success.

Despite the fact that the year 2020 was full of chaos and confusion, it was ironically this upheaval that gave passage for Studio No.74 to become a reality. With the ocean of spare time from lockdown no.1 the pair were ushered with the opportunity to begin their set up. Since its birth, Studio No.74 has successfully excelled clients' visions, taking them from proposal to product. Working to numerous specifications and with a wide range of industries, including- but not limited to- automotive, hospitality, fashion, and beauty, Dariusz and his partner have opened up their future and are not short of experience.

Dariusz utilised the university's careers services to land his first work experience opportunity with a photography job, which blossomed into a full-time career. This confirmed that Dariusz had discovered his calling and could turn it into a lucrative profession. He has continued to work with a variety of clients since his graduation, gaining new skills and insights that have enabled the couple to move up and up.

The creative production studio works towards one goal; provide clients with high-quality products. Studio No.74, which specialises in product and e-commerce photography and videography, uses its resources to support brands of all shapes and sizes outshine competitors and pop out on their platforms, be it social media, websites, offline marketing activities or in stores.

Though only a baby itself, Studio No.74 has matured quickly and aided many businesses to spring up to eye level and gain recognition in their respective fields. The team helps distribute content across different channels, while also managing social media adverts to suit the clients’ needs and requests.

Dariusz comments, “We set-up, style, shoot and edit in-house meaning we curate our clients’ projects from conception to delivery”. The duo is more than knowledgeable in their field, which adds to their clients' comfort. Their abilities and recognition in both their creative field continue to develop each month as a result of their combined skill sets, and their new facility at Banks Mill will only help.

With its clean and dirty studio spaces, Dariusz and Rachel have the freedom to get as messy as they want with their creativity and still have space for the finishing touches during the editing process. To add to the advantages, the pair have commented: “We also think being surrounded by other creatives and start-up businesses will help us develop connections within the local business community that we wouldn’t have otherwise had.”

This is a new and exciting opportunity for both the Studio No.74 founders and everyone else here at Banks Mill.

Find out more about the couple and Studio No.74 on their platforms; website, Facebook and Instagram.