Picture of Michael Hill painting in his garden studio

Into Abstract Art: Combining Shape, Colour and Texture

Michael Hill is delighted to announce the opening of his solo exhibition at Banks Mill Studios this coming July: Into Abstract Art: Combining Shape, Colour and Texture: Michael Hill 2018 – 2021.

Running from Sat 3 July to Fri 30 July, affiliate Banks Mill member and fine artist, Michael Hill will be exhibiting his work in the Banks Mill foyer for a solo exhibition. The exhibition will be open to the public from 11am-3pm week days and 11am-4pm Saturdays, showcasing Michael’s abstract art.  During the weekend Michael will be on hand to provide a guided tour of his exhibition.   

Initially beginning his creative calling during 2018 after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, Michael is a self-taught artist who uses a range of themes in his work. Michael has had a lifelong fascination in abstract art, though it was not until a period of illness prompted him to explore it as a form of therapy where he picked up the tools and started creating. His previous charm of the arts has now developed into something much bigger, filled with more passion and depth.

Remarking on his journey thus far, Michael comments, “My art has become a form of therapy and the lack of experience has resulted in an eclectic mix of styles and creative processes. However, I see this as a positive giving me a freedom and lack of inhibition that otherwise may not have been the case.”

The showcase of art has drawn inspiration from a number of subjects. Michael has noted that his abstract art has frequently been influenced by global issues, like climate change as well as mood, health and wellbeing and a desire to reconnect with the natural world.

Expect to witness a variety of art, some displayed individually at events of Michael's, prior to this Banks Mill July exhibition, as well as new works. Nevertheless, the art featured in this showcase have never been displayed as a collection, so there will be something fresh to explore.

The exhibition will feature the work of this inspirational figure, predominantly in chronological order, exhibiting how his work has evolved since his start as an artist, demonstrating the journey from principally structured with an element of forethought, to his later and present work, which is more organic and spontaneous in formula.

Michael is unarguably an inspirational character, proving that even without formal training, being a creative is within your grasp. Battling through all the challenges life has thrown at him, Michael continues to show his strength both as an individual and as an artist.

Michael is very kindly donating half of the revenue from the exhibition's sales to the Parkinson's Disease charity, something very close to his heart.

Speaking words of inspiration, Michael has this to say, “I hope that this exhibition encourages others to take up art in whatever form as I believe that we all have an innate creative ability that is often and sadly unable to manifest itself and flourish”.

To find out more about Michael and his work visit his website, and follow him on Facebook, for updates.

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