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12 Years of Green Door Printmaking Studio

Green Door Printmaking Studio will be celebrating its 12th birthday on 25th March 2018. To celebrate, past and present members of the studio have been invited to display their work as part of an exhibition in Green Door’s corridor space at Banks Mill Studios, showing from 14th Feb - 28th March. 
Green Door is Derbyshire’s only open access printmaking studio, dedicated to raising the profile of printmaking by offering printmaking courses and providing print-based facilities to members of the public. The studio was first established by mother/daughter team, Anna and Pandora Johnson, in 2006 with the aim of nurturing and supporting artists/printmakers; from novice to established professional artists. It is a natural side-effect of printmaking that it draws people from all backgrounds and practices and unites them together into a vibrant and supportive community. Unlike a lot of other creative pursuits that can become solitary, printmaking in an open access environment can be a communal and often surprisingly inspiring and rewarding activity. 
At Green Door, we actively promote printmaking and our printmakers, helping them to develop their individual practices and creativity. Over the last 12 years, our community has flourished, and this exhibition aims to showcase a selection of the work produced in our studios.
For more details and to apply online, visit: greendoor-printmaking.co.uk
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