work by Gerry Henegan Barr

Almost a Swan

In February, Banks Mill affiliate member, Gerry Henegan Barr, will exhibit work in our ground floor foyer gallery. Using poignant humour to deliver an ECO related message, Gerry’s 3D ceramic work, combined with a variety of recycled materials ranging  from chicken wire, a tyre, and sculpted wicker, warns of what happens if we leave it too late to care about what is precious in life, while it still exists , rather than having to sadly, retrospectively, repent at its loss. 

Almost A Swan reflects on a post apocalyptic vision of an environmentally ravaged earth. Humans and their animal space arks have left our planet, taking only useful creatures with them......  Meanwhile, charged with making earth habitable again, robot custodians, (whose programming has become corrupted & somewhat literal in interpretation), attempt to construct a SWAN MUSEUM.... A vain attempt to commemorate one of the many beautiful creatures that have perished.

The custodians eagerly await a new generation of earthlings, (who have never encountered a real swan), to admire their exhibits, and learn some facts about their subject.

Gerry invites you to meet her at a free private view in the foyer on Sun 11th Feb 2018- 3pm-6pm.

The exhibition is also open 31 Jan - 23 Feb during the week 10am-3pm (please ring ahead on 01332 597866 if a special trip is needed to ensure access)

Ramped entrance, wheelchair accessible and free on street Sunday parking (small charge Mon-Sat 8am-6pm). 

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