work by John McDonald

Butterfly Cry

The Story of Frida Kahlo portraits and West End Girls with Christ of St John by artist John McDonald

This solo exhibition explores human themes of love and loss, suffering and strength, passion for life, and the right to dare anything on the road to becoming an artist.

With innocence bordering on naivety, John presents a range of work which is refreshing, exciting, colourful and accessible; pleasing both the art lover and the incidental viewer. From stunning large-scale portraits to intimate interiors, John’s passion and pathos is hard not to succumb to.

Three main bodies of work will be represented in the exhibition, the most important of which is the Frida Kahlo series, a collection of striking and majestic portraits of Mexico’s most popular artist.  The themes are around loss, brokenness… and the indomitable resilience of the human spirit.

John will be working live for much of the exhibition.  If you want to watch, talk, or learn to paint this is a fantastic opportunity.

John comments: “I have always been involved in the arts through theatre, film, directing, and spoken word performance.  I have simultaneously worked in social services, mental health services, and, since 2002, directing my own business UK4BSL being profoundly deaf myself.”

“I have been painting full time since November 2015, and maintain Directorship of UK4BSL: providing an open door for vulnerable deaf people who often have nowhere else to turn, giving a voice to those who cannot speak, and helping them to challenge discrimination, poverty and exclusion.”

My painting practice is both the catalyst and fruition of a personal journey towards peace.  For me the process epitomises that pendulum swing from individuality (deaf isolation) to a need to be related. The painting is not a finished product but the start of a conversation.  As an artist I have always striven to create something that can speak powerfully to other people, and that feeds the greatest of human hungers: the search for meaning.”

The exhibition will run from 16 April – 18 May and will be open 10am-5pm Mon-Sun.

Join John at the launch event on Friday, 20 April 6-8.30pm which will feature live music and a complimentary drink

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