Picture of a model wearing a sunburst crown by Anisha Parmar

Empowered Adornment

Anisha Parmar is a globally successful jewellery designer and multi-disciplinary artist based at Banks Mill. Her latest project, Empowered Adornment, is inspired by her own diaspora heritage that spans three continents (Gujarat in India, East Africa and Britain), and the gold jewellery pieces that have been collected along her family’s migrant journey.

Anisha’s own designs bring the concept of the heirloom into today. At the heart of her brand, one thing remains constant: she believes in the power of wearing our culture and our stories in a way that will uplift and empower. After receiving the developing your creative practice grant from Arts Council England this year, Anisha has been researching and documenting the journey that gold jewellery pieces go on as they are passed down through the generations, from dowry, to security and now adornments of great sentimental value.

Empowered Adornment is an opportunity to learn more about Anisha’s work, and see both the project and her own jewellery pieces first-hand.

Her jewellery brand Anisha Parmar London is all about empowering statement adornments designed to enhance the confidence within. Taking threads from the rich tapestry of South Asian culture, viewed through the Diaspora lens, our pieces aim to blend traditional influences with trailblazing contemporary design to create striking statement jewels and accessories. Inspired by her own hybrid heritage that spans three continents, Anisha’s designs bring the concept of the heirloom into today. As cultures blend and bend to reflect the modern world, we’re presented with the opportunity to write new stories; refreshing old fables with new perspectives, retelling ancient myths in a modern style, or reinvigorating forgotten moments with an injection of innovation.

The beauty of the heirloom is that it gathers stories as it passes from hand to hand over generations, and that’s exactly what we want every APL piece to do. With each design, we take fragments of stories from South Asian history, mythology and culture, and blend it with the experiences and influences that come with being part of the Diaspora. Once that piece is yours, it becomes a piece in the story of your life, collecting memories and moments for you to share. All the pieces are handcrafted in her studio by Anisha. 


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