Sarah Skinner Art Chairs

Firewood an Art Chairs Project

Collabroative Exhibition by Sarah Skinner & Alex Pain
3 April – 24 April, open weekdays 10am-5pm

An upholsterer calls someone she’s met at work a couple of times, a while back.

The upholsterer is thinking about chairs as sculpture, as art, playing with function, nonfunction and wondering about exhibition and display.

The person she calls is an artist, a sculptor, an art technician, turns out he’s working on stools and display systems as well as an ongoing series of beautifully crafted, puzzling totems, sticks and sculptures …

Together, they consider an old chair, it’s beautiful, but uneconomical to make stable and functional again; really it’s only good for firewood…

Firewood, an Art Chairs Project by Sarah Skinner and Alex Pain will be showing in the Banks Mill exhibition space from Friday 3 April - Friday 24 April 2020.

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