Lake Isle by Jenny Bowden

Derby Print Open Winner

Thu, 19/07/2018 - 12:34

Jenny Bowden is a printmaker from Buxton who was one of 45 artists to be selected to exhibit work in the recent Derby Print Open exhibition held at Banks Mill Studios. 

Jenny was the only artist to receive two awards from the exhibition and her work titled Lake Isle was chosen to receive a years' affiliate membership at Banks Mill.

Her other piece, Rowsley Hill was chosen by Air Arts who co-orindate the exhibitions and artwork at the Royal Derby and London Road Hospitals so expect to see her work there in the future.

Jenny works mostly in reduction linocut and her subject is often landscape, place and places.  Jenny comments: "I love the way in which the print gradually emerges onto the paper as each layer of colour is applied.  I create small editions with each one variable because of a wiping technique or colour difference.  I enjoy the intricacy of cutting the plate and the magic of the layered colours, which always takes me a little by surprise."

Jenny has exhibited widely and is an active member of the Sheffield Printmakers.

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