Picture of the Goldbox team, left to right Ohdran Taylor, James Heaney, Josh Spaticchia and Ben Collison

Goldbox Productions joins Banks Mill Community

Tue, 17/08/2021 - 09:58

We’re pleased to welcome our newest members to the Banks Mill community, film production agency, Goldbox Productions.

The Goldbox team, Josh, Ben, Odhran and James met during their second year of university when they collaborated on an award winning film and have stuck together since.

Soon after they got together for the production of their original film, the group decided to launch a business together. Founding Goldbox Productions in 2019 hasn’t been easy working through a world-wide pandemic, however despite this the business became fully operational in 2020 when the group graduated from the University of Derby meaning they could focus on the business full-time.

Though only a baby itself, Goldbox Productions has matured quickly and helped many businesses spring up to eye level and gain recognition in their respective fields. Since starting their business and successfully covering a wide range of content, the boys' made the decision to focus on the aspects that they enjoy the most; videography and sport.  They particularly specialise in sport and fitness videos working on both small and large-scale projects with clients such as Bear Grylls and his new-found Be Military Fit Initiative.

The dynamic creative community here at Banks Mill aids in the development of confidence and the exploration of new ideas and possibilities. Fostering and supporting creative enterprises like Goldbox Productions, Banks Mill will help boost their potential for development, success, and sustainability.

Having a studio here at Banks Mill will help the business continue to grow and will open even more doors for these ambitious creatives, connecting them to our networks, new friends and new possibilities.

To keep up to date with Goldbox and their projects visit their website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter