Jodie Bambi Tattoo Artist

Jodie Bambi Tattoo Launches new Studio

Tue, 13/03/2018 - 10:15

Jodie Powell Tattoo has recently set up and launched her new tattoo studio from Banks Mill.
Jodie graduated from the University of Derby in 2015 gaining a Master of Design after studying on their Graphic Design and Visual Communication degree.  During the final year of her Masters degree Jodie took on the role of a tattoo apprentice where she learnt about the equipment and health and safety aspects of this profession.  The apprenticeship was the result of a chance meeting when Jodie was herself getting a tattoo as the artist was very interested in Jodie’s final project. 
Jodie comments: “I had wanted to be a tattoo artist since being in college and got my first tattoo at an early age. However, I did not succeed in gaining an apprenticeship so decided to pursue university to study graphic design in the hopes of developing my digital skills and pursuing graphic art instead.” 
“Whilst at university, I realised I did not have much interest in being a graphic designer, as it didn’t offer me the right amount of creativity and passion I wanted. I continued and took on a Masters degree as this allowed me to focus on my own project based on any topic I wanted to explore. I based my final project on Mandala Designs and Intricate Pattern, which is prominent in my tattoo work today.“
Jodie soon progressed within the industry to become a junior tattoo artist, under the watchful eye of fellow artists where she spent the next three years training and developing her own designs in ornamental, floral and geometric styles.
It was during her studies at the University of Derby where Jodie heard about Banks Mill Studios.  Jodie has now realised her dream and recently opened her own tattoo studio, based from Banks Mill.  Jodie’s appointment book is rapidly filling up and with the support from Banks Mill she is hoping to raise her profile further and grow as an independent studio and eventually work internationally.

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