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Kate Smith Awarded Arts Council Funding

Tue, 31/05/2022 - 14:27

Banks Mill affiliate member, Kate Smith, is an award winning children’s illustrator and designer. Kate has been part of Banks Mill for many years, often taking studio space and/or as an affiliate member.

Kate has also been diagnosed with the Mental Health Condition ‘Acute & Transient Psychotic Disorder’ and has decided to share her mental health journey.

As part of this journey Kate has secured significant funding from The Arts Council to explore her creativity, develop her creative practice and share her mental health journey to help raise awareness and hopefully help others. 

As an artist and a creative individual art has been a great way for Kate to express her emotions, thoughts and process complex feelings.

Over the next few months Kate will be using art to show the experience of psychosis and the pathway it takes from the start, during and completion.

Kate is going to be experimenting and developing creative skills and sharing her story. The journey will see Kate go from being a commissioned illustrator to a self-motivated artist, with complete freedom of expression.

To see Kate's journey follow her on Facebook and Instagram, or contact her by email