Michael Hill Virtual Exhibition still

Lock Down: Open Up

Wed, 30/09/2020 - 09:53

This 3D virtual exhibition by Michael Hill presents the inaugural event of Michael Hill’s “Brick Wall” online gallery and represents a selection of work over a period of nine months from January to September 2020 during the period of the COVD-19 pandemic.

Partly resulting from the visitor restrictions imposed on physical galleries but more so to provide an alternative platform to view, appreciate and buy art at affordable prices the aim is to present  not only his own art but that of established and emerging artists via “The Cube” sub-gallery.

The work on the four walls of Brick Wall is largely presented in chronological order from which a number of themes can be seen. These themes were driven by Michael's personal mood and experiences and therefore reflect the emotions and events experienced during the onset and growth of the pandemic. Therefore this unique set of circumstances shows how art can be a reflection of the times, a release of emotion and a way of coping with negative impacts caused.

Michael comments: "I have had a lifelong interest in abstract art and a continuing desire to take up a creative process.  But with no formal training and a sense that the art world was beyond my capabilities the creative process did not start until my middle 60 years prompted by a period of acute illness followed by a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease.

My art has therefore become a form of therapy and the lack of experience has resulted in an eclectic mix of styles, colour choices and combinations and creative processes. Adding the COVID situation to the above background has resulted in the work being shown in this exhibition lurching from a downbeat mood to one of hope and guarded optimism. I will leave it with the viewer to identify and interpret the underlying currents that brought each individual work to life.

All work has been priced at very affordable levels to provide easy accessibility to all. But possibly more importantly as 50% of proceeds from my art sales in this virtual exhibition will be donated to Parkinson’s charities it will hopefully be an encouragement for people to buy.

Brick Wall Virtual Gallery is an ongoing project with new exhibitions taking place on a regular basis. In addition the “Cube” will soon present works by well known artists that have had major influences on my art to date, e.g. John McLean who also suffered from Parkinson’s Disease but continued to work with this condition until his death in 2019. Alongside these established artists will be art from emerging and local artists., hence we call the work on the Cube - art3e: established, emerging,, eclectic."

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