Glass project kits by Stevie Davies

New Glass Project Kits by Stevie Davies

Thu, 13/08/2020 - 10:32

Are you one of those who had itchy fingers throughout lockdown, finding the lack of a commute gives you extra time to try a creative hobby?  Well, how about giving fused glass a try…


Banks Mill tenant Stevie Davies Contemporary Fused Glass has developed two beginners project kits, aimed at pretty much any age and ability. Using simple techniques, basic equipment and mindful processes you can create at your own pace with the knowledge that if you get stuck, Stevie is around virtually, to help! Then when you are happy, Stevie will fire your piece and transform it into an artwork to treasure forever. 

Kit 1) Wire Drawing: You will use 0.3mm copper wire to draw your picture before it is returned to be fired under a glass tile. This process works really well for animal portraits, floral designs or abstract pictures with curves and shapes.  
Kit 2) Fun with Frit Balls: You will use sparkling glass blobs (technical term frit balls) which are a wonderful mix of rounded shapes in different sizes and transparent colours.  

Kit prices vary from £20

Special requests for kits to be adjusted and given as a gift or group “party packs” are welcome. 

To find out more or to order contact Stevie by email or ring 07884 402036 or you can join her Facebook group 

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