Ben Tennett on tour

Rockin Robins Continues to Grow at Banks Mill

Fri, 30/07/2021 - 13:52

Banks Mill member, Rockin’ Robins Drum Services, has recently approached its first 6-month milestone as a tenant here with us. Rockin' Robins has made a name for itself in recent months by offering excellent drum services to a variety of clientele, living true to its motto of TECH, TEACH, PLAY.

Offering a range of programmes in a mixture of educational settings, as well as private lessons, the team are non-stop. When they're not teaching, you’ll find them harbouring their servicing skills in the workshop, fixing up modern drums or refurbishing vintage ones. They’re no stranger to iconic venues and prestigious studios either; frequently spending time offering their support and service to a slew of skilled drummers and musicians from all walks of life.

In the midst of all of this, Rockin’ Robins speak with industry professionals and some of the world's most renowned drummers frequently, gaining insight which they share on their website Rockin' Robins plus+, ensuring that drummers all around the world can get their drum fix!

Rockin' Robins Drum Services, with their abundance of expertise, only had one way to go while at Banks Mill: up! Making use of the team and support at Banks Mill, Ben, founder of the company, has recently received support from the Academic Consultancy to aid and advise him in his next steps.

Commenting on his time at Banks Mill so far, Ben says: “Being based at Banks Mill has allowed me to have a fantastic work space but also access an infrastructure of people that has played a huge part in the acceleration of my business.”

Ben has worked diligently to ensure Rockin' Robins was in a position to continue their work in live performance when Covid-19 limitations begin to loosen and live music events resumed. The drum servicer plans to expand his company as his tenancy progresses, with the goal of offering workshops and educational events at Banks Mill in the near future. Not stopping there, Rockin' Robins Drum Services aspires to reach more young people and provide them with education services and experiences with cutting-edge equipment that will inspire them to discover music.

To find out what Rockin’ Robins Drum Services is all about, visit their website and look up their socials, @rockinrobinsdrumservices to see what they’ll be up to next.