Stitch the Inch studio shot

Stitch the Inch Launches at Banks Mill

Wed, 24/06/2020 - 14:10

Just before the Covid-19 lockdown Renata Krawczyk briefly launched her new busines Stitch the Inch from studio 4.7 at Banks Mill.

Renata, along with several other tenants will be moving their businesses back to the studios from 1 July and you can read her story:- 

My passion to sew exploded at an early age. I played with scrap pieces of fabric which my grandmother left after making clothes, alterations and household items. My grandmothers sewing machine became a magic tool for me. This magic tool now still stands and works with me in my studio. 
Finding a school was not difficult for me as I was determined that I would go to a fashion college. Four years later, I graduated with an award. Unfortunately, I didn’t speak any English at the time and my parents could not afford the university I wanted in UK. So I had no choice but to go to work and forget my dreams. 
Work gave me a huge experience in the fashion industry and boosted my English language. I jumped from job to job working on different types of materials and sewing machines. My experience lifted my position and I became supervisor in the DFS Furniture company.
Then things changed…
Today I’m a full time student at Derby University studing fashion and fashion marketing. The University has given me an opportunity to open my own studio. I specialise in any kind of alterations in men’s and women’s clothes, I sew full garments for any type of figure. I am happy to help fashion students with their final graduation designs. 
In the studio we upcycle old clothes and give them a second life. I love working with denim as I can transform it into fashionable soft furniture and bags.  

You can contact Renata by emailing her and follow her on Instagram

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