Fuchsia flower artwork made using papercut techniques with fabric for the colour

Unique Papercut Artwork by Zaza Lewis

Wed, 24/02/2021 - 09:41

Zaza Lewis is an award winning mixed media artist who has an unusual technique to create her pieces.  She has chosen to cut card with a scalpel to illustrate her ideas. The cuts define the outlines of the design, which is followed by many layers of vibrant coloured fabrics, carefully positioned to produce bold and contemporary pieces.

Since the latest lockdown, Zaza has been working from her dining room table, but in normal times she has a first floor studio amongst the creative community of Banks Mill. During this last year, she has kept a steady flow of new creations ready for online fairs and eventually in person events.

Her inspiration sources are very different and diverse, but Zaza looks for subjects best suited to her unusual medium. This could be architecture – from the intricate ironwork of a balcony or doorway, to a pier and beach, or a Yorkshire coastal town. She also loves plants, from the foxgloves in a garden bed to a field full of daisies. This wouldn’t be complete without the sometimes quirky subjects such as a box of nectarines or a basket of freshly picked tomatoes. However varied Zaza’s subjects are, the bold decisive designs with strong contrasts and vibrant colours, feel coherently created by the same artist who loves to find a new fun angle to look at a familiar scene.

She now has a fully functioning website where you can view her latest originals and make enquiries to find out more. Limited editions giclee prints and greeting cards are also available to purchase with free UK delivery. 

You can also follow Zaza on her socials through Facebook and Instagram.

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