artwork by Martin Hyde

A Simplification of Everything

A Simplification of Everything
Solo art exhibition by Martin D Hyde showing at Banks Mill Studios from 3-28 September

What do we need in a painting or sculpture to communicate emotions and feelings? Can we simplify a painting into just form and colour, and still get an emotional response from the viewer? Can this emotional response be stronger than with a painting with more narrative? What is the effect of removing narrative elements such as figures from a painting? 

With “A Simplification of Everything” Martin wanted to explore these questions. When he was creating the paintings he thought of them as he might do a sculpture. He abstracted recurring themes from his previous paintings into just shape, form and colour. Figurative elements are absent within the paintings and are replaced with sculptures that sit in isolation within the same space. Martin believes this separation creates a more immersive experience for the viewer in the room, and a stronger emotional response.

Martin is a modern artist who lives in Ashbourne in the Derbyshire Dales and has a masters of art degree with distinction from Staffordshire University. 

Martin’s art documents his life as a person living with depression, those around him, and his place in the world. His art communicates the emotions of the highs, the lows - love, loss, mood, isolation, place and belonging.  He was diagnosed with cyclic depression at the age of 30. 

Through his art, Martin wants the viewer to feel and read the emotions within his work, and put their own interpretation on them. He hopes his art will bring a better understanding and acceptance of the issues surrounding depression, and be a primer to get people thinking about their own emotions and those around them.

The exhibition is showing in the foyer gallery at Banks Mill from 3-28 September and is open week days 10am-3pm. (please ring in advance if making a special journey to guarantee entry)

To see more of Martin’s work visit his website 

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