Image 1 work by Sarah Blandford, still life photography: Tulips and water melon; Amy Vallance Art wool installation; Sofia Rodrigues photography of a building against a blue skk

Student Residency Winners Exhibition

Our very first cohort of student residency winners comes to an end this month and to celebrate their achievements over the last twelve months you can catch their solo show in the Banks Mill foyer.

The exhibition will feature an eclectic mix of work including a wool installation by Amy Vallance Art and photography by Sarah Blandford and Sofia Yala Rodrigues.

You can meet Sofia and Sarah at their meet the artist event on Sat, 6 Aug from 10.30am-3pm, and the launch party will follow from 6-8pm on Sat, 6 Aug.

The exhibition will be open to the public weekdays 9am-3pm.

Amy's practice focuses on self-reflection, using emotions to influence her decision making, especially her experiences with mental health. When developing a new site-specific immersive installation it is heavily influenced by colour, scale and material. Amy is consciously drawn to bright colours and lighting and chooses to use colours and lights through an intuitive feeling. Each colour is chosen by how they make Amy feel when she views them.

Amy chooses a methodological approach to create installations at scale so that the viewer can physically enter inside them to feel they are a part of the art work.  This piece is based on the part of the brain that influences our primal feelings of fear and anxiety. The wool is the resemblance of anxiety and feeling woolly headed through confusion and conflicting thoughts. The netting is the same feeling of being trapped in these thoughts while the mirror floor creates a void in which you feel like you have entered the brain. 


Sarah's photography practice is an exploration of time and memory and especially sensory experiences that take people on a journey of memory.  Sarah is very much inspired by chiaroscuro of the Dutch Masters,and still life photographic prints using flora, seasonal fresh produce and objects of nostalgia will be exhibited in this group show.






“Analogue in Dots” by Sofia Yala Rodrigues presents the simplicity of a shot, the possibilities of taking a photograph are endless, so she has been selecting a sequence of analogue photographs that she took with her Minolta on her trips. She is looking forward to creating a show with the analogue versions, but challenging and change those memories into screen-prints has been an exercise that she has been carrying out at the Green Doors Studios as part of her creative development, experimenting with different techniques as part of her creative journey, as such she has decided to present three pieces of this continuous exercise called Analogue in Dots which will merge with her next series.

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