installation by Gerry Henegan Barr

Turning the Tide

Turning the Tide... & The Squirrel Hoards the Mondays Nuts .... Territorial Rights in a Shrinking World is a solo exhibition by ceramicist and conceptual artist Gerry Henegan Barr

Much of Gerry's work over the past few years has had an eco related theme including two previous solo exhibitions at Banks Mill in 2017 and 2018.

Her current exhibition uses 3D mixed media ceramic and sculptural tableau in three distinct exhibition pieces to convey concerns about how human beings are contributing to the destruction of our planet; in rivers, seas, oceans, jungles and woodland habitats.

The sculptural tableau pieces are inspired by poetry and prose statements connected to pollution and a semi humorous slant on the futility of our efforts to try and turn the tide....

Running: 4 February – 1 March
Open: week days 10am-3pm
Launch: Wed, 13 February 4-7pm
Meet the Artist: Sat, 23 February 1.30pm-5pm

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