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Alternative Now Logo - illustration showing two hands and some seeds

Charlie Collins launches Alternative Now

Thu, 28/10/2021 - 14:51

Charlie Collins is a current University of Derby student studying a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration and was recently successful in winning a studio residency at Banks Mill to explore self-employment and develop her creative practice.

During her spare time, and with her partner Tom on hand she has launched Alternative Now, an affordable, inclusive and environmentally focused hub which will be home to Derby’s brand new independent zero waste shop, Alt Now Refills, opening later this year.

Charlie comments: “Using refill stations we stock a variety of wholefoods, teas and coffees, herbs and spices, household cleaning liquids and essential lifestyle products. All our products are plant-based, cruelty-free and ethically sourced.”

“Working with independent businesses, we aim to introduce a circular economy to Derby, by sourcing our products locally and creating new closed-loop refill systems. This will allow us to stock quality products with minimal packaging generated in the supply chain, all while reinvesting into our local community.” 

Buying from suppliers in bulk and driving profits back into the business, Charlie aims to keep prices low, showing that a more sustainable way of living can be both affordable and accessible.

Charlie says: “We’re interested in stocking products that are produced locally and have minimal environmental impact. To do this, we want to partner with businesses and traders based in and around Derbyshire.”

If you have a product you think they’d like to stock, or an idea for a circular delivery system you can contact Charlie by email.

Next year Charlie and Tom are also hoping to launch Alt Now Studios which will be an artist-led, community-driven, creative space and open access workshop. The studio will be equipped with sustainable facilities, offering the use of a range of equipment and materials. They are hoping to host an annual programme of workshops, residencies, exhibitions and events exploring the environment and our impact on it.

You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram or visit their website – all the beautiful illustrations on the website have been drawn by Charlie too, keeping as much in house as possible.

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