artwork by MikiMayo Studio showing a bird and a chicken

MikiMayo Art Studio

Mon, 26/04/2021 - 14:41

MikiMayo Art Studio is a fine art studio founded by artist Agnieszka Kaminska who has recently moved into Banks Mill Studios.

MikiMayo’s main practice is original oil paintings and illustrations, some of which are then featured on a range of homeware products such as coasters, wall hangings and pocket mirrors.  All of Agnieszka’s artwork and products can be purchased from her Etsy shop.

Agnieszka graduated with an MA in Painting from the Marie Curie University in Poland in 2011 and after graduating had a few jobs, one of which was as a painter at a commercial painting company Art Workshop. At this time, she also learnt new skills as a graphic designer which helped her to develop her artwork for illustrations and has since lead to her signing a new contract with greeting cards publisher Green Pebble in 2020.

Agnieszka comments: “I always wanted to become a full-time artist and after moving and settling in the UK I decided to create MikiMayo Art Studio. Since then, I have become a mother and now my son is inspiring and motivating me, so a lot of the artwork I now produce is with children in mind.”

Agnieszka continues: “I always knew that my way of life would be through art. I have loved painting and drawing since I was a little girl. All my schoolbooks were full of doodles. As a teenager I tried different painting techniques and found that my favourite was painting in oils. I like using strong colours for my art and my painting style is original, full of colours, a little bit naive and folkloristic.
It truly makes me happy and I literally get wings when someone likes my art.“

So, in 2021 Agnieszka decided to move her business to Banks Mill as she wanted to become part of a local creative community. She also wanted to have a professional place to work where people can come to meet her and view her artwork. 

Agnieszka says: “At Banks Mill I get the opportunity to find out about the support on offer within Derby and I have been receiving one to one coaching sessions with a creative business advisor through the Big House programme, which is helping me to think more clearly about my art business and direction as well as my own artwork.”

You can view all of Agnieszka’s work on the MkiMayo Art Studio website and get regular updates by following the studio on  Facebook and Instagram.