Picture of Ben Tennett in his studio at Banks Mill

Rockin Robins Launches at Banks Mill

Tue, 27/04/2021 - 10:11

Ben Tennett recently moved into Banks Mill Studios to run and launch his business, Rockin’ Robins Drum Services which offers three services encompassing his love for drums: TECH, TEACH and PLAY.

Rockin’ Robins teaches a range of programmes in a mixture of education settings and private students, as well as servicing new drums and restoring vintage ones. Amongst all this you can find Rockin’ Robins in prestigious studios or legendary venues offering technical support to a whole range of professional drummers and artists. They have also created an online community for drummers to join for free anywhere around the world through Rockin’ Robins plus+ which features interviews, live events, blogs and tech tips.

Ben studied at the Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies, graduating in 2015 with a distinction and alongside his studies worked for Rattle & Drum Music gaining the skills needed to run a business such as customer satisfaction, website and digital marketing as well as visiting international trade shows learning how to seal a deal.

Ben comments: “I was raised around drums, it’s all I have ever known. When I was growing up, I was desperate to try and absorb as much information and content as possible when it came to drums. It didn’t stop there though, I dug deeper and wanted to find out who was using what equipment and why. What made them choose that equipment and what’s so special about it?”

“That led naturally to me reaching an age where I wanted to start being involved in making these decisions for players. My interest in the technical side of drums grew and grew and today I am fortunate enough to have worked with some incredible artists. With this experience and knowledge, I wanted to follow something that had always been something I was interested in, teaching. When these two worlds collided, Rockin’ Robins was born.”

Currently Rockin’ Robins is less than a year old, so the business is still in the early stages. However, once Covid has passed and things start going back to normal Ben plans to grow the business further by offering workshops and masterclasses.

Ben says: “In the space of nine months my business has grown from one student to four schools, a college, and a solid private student base. Amongst this, I have also grown my technical services from being none-existent to providing support to artists from all over the world.”

“Being based at Banks Mill allows me to fully emerge myself in a community of fellow creatives and get the best from myself. I have my own studio which means that I can continue to offer services whilst having the space, time and support to explore other services that my business can offer.”

Ben is currently receiving support on his business development plan through the University of Derby’s Productivity through Innovation (PtI) project.

To find out more about Rockin’ Robins visit their website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.