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Alana Gray

Visualizing Mementos and Monuments

“Visualizing Mementos and Monuments” showcases the continued visualisation of music works by Daniel J Woodruff, in light of the completion of his album ‘Mementoes and monuments’.

This follows the realisation of ‘A Deconstructed Synthesis of a Wonderful Existence’(2023), a mixed-media collage installation which embodied the music piece ‘A Wonderful Existence’, composed, performed and produced by musician Daniel J Woodruff; in a visually deconstructed synthesis of sound-wave imagery, information and automatic response.  

This exhibition introduces a series of seven new automatic response drawings, each one corresponding to each track of the album; as well as three conceptual works which further visualise the music beyond initial visual response. Together, these works form the foundation of an ongoing project to produce a collection of ‘visualisers’ to accompany the album, in animated or otherwise moving image video form. 

The exhibition marks the first solo event by Lana Gray, a mixed-media artist and photographer from Derbyshire. A recent graduate from MA Arts at the University of Derby, her art practice is an ‘abstracted process’, dancing on a line between happenstance and intentionality.  

Lana Gray’s ‘Visualising ‘Mementos and Monuments’’ will be exhibiting in Banks Mill Studios Foyer Gallery space from Monday 12th February to Friday 1st March 2024.  

Opening Times Mon-Fri: 9am - 3pm





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